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Elena Corte

Elena Corte was born  in Milan on March 27, 1975.  


She is a lawyer registered at the Milan Bar Association and is  authorized to practice in the Higher Courts.  


Elena is bilingual (Italian and English) and speaks French.  ​

Elena graduated in law from the University of Milan and immediately began her practice at the Studio Legale Corte, immediately concentrating her activity in the field of food law.  

Elena Corte assists food business operators in court.  In particular, she defends defendants accused of crimes connected with the production, marketing and administration of food products.  The food crimes that are most commonly contested are commercial fraud; the sale and administration of food that is badly preserved,  altered, or with microbial loads beyond the permitted limits;  the sale of non-genuine food; and the sale of counterfeit, adulterated or harmful food substances.   

Furthermore, Elena Corte assists food companies, challenging regulatory sanctions related to the marketing of food and beverages, violations of HACCP procedures, and labelling problems of both food and related products.   

As part of the consultancy activity, Avv. Elena Corte assists companies in the procedures for withdrawing or recalling food in the event of food alerts, mainly due to the placing on the market of products that are dangerous for the health of consumers.  She also deals with the management of crises that arise as a result of particularly serious food problems or with particular media coverage.  Elena offers advice in revising manuals  HACCP  from a legal point of view.  The expertise in the criminal sector also allows her to assist companies in the drafting of delegated functions within the food business.   

In assisting food companies and companies linked to large-scale retail, Elena has also developed significant expertise in dealing with environmental crimes and regulatory sanctions related to environmental matters (waste, discharges , etc.), as well as other sectors related to food law (toys, feed, materials intended to come into contact with food, etc.).  

Aerobatic pilot, she was the Italian Aerobatic Champion cat. Advanced in 2000 and member of the Italian National Motor Aerobatic Team from 1999 to 2006; she won a team bronze medal at the 2006 Unlimited European Championship; in 2002 CONI awarded her the Bronze Medal for Athletic Valor.